New York City
Mobile Video Productions was founded in 1988. Since then we have strived to provide our clients with the highest quality production at a competitive rate. MVP NYC is owned and operated by three master Cinematographers. They are experts in broadcast, film, documentary and commercial production. They are true Directors of Photography with a mastery in cinema as well as lighting with over 30+ years of experience and countless satisfied clients to attest to the MVP standard.
  • 1988

    Mobile Video Productions was founded by Kevin F. McCafferty a veteran broadcast cinematographer having worked 15+ years at FOX broadcasting.

  • 1998

    Chris Swenson joins Mobile Video NYC as a managing partner and Director of Photography.

  • 2007

    Peter Zivkovic joins Mobile Video NYC as a managing partner and Director of Photography.

Mobile Video NYC is a full-service production company based in New York City. Our roster of experienced multidisciplinary directors of photography are equally versed in original concept development as they are in execution, from live production to commercial spots. We create high-end content for broadcasters, prime time television series, as well as international ad agencies and brands, including The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Turner Network Television, The Dr. Oz Show, HBO, Johnson & Johnson, MLB, NBC Sports, Deutche Ban & McDonalds.

Mobile Video Productions, founded in 1988, is a full service production company with a client base in film, television, advertising, corporate and digital media platforms.

Our production team, a group of highly regarded industry experts, are dedicated to providing our clients with the best production experience through outstanding client support and top of the line gear and equipment. We provide the widest range of production services and personnel covering all formats and departments.

  • Camera Department – All camera formats from HD thru 5K and Film.

  • Sound Department – Expert sound location services for Studio, Feature Film, Broadcast and Documentary.

  • Lighting – Full service lighting and grip. Studio and field packages, custom built to meet any production needs from Feature Film to Broadcast and Documentary.

Our success at MVP is experienced through the high quality of our work and the all encompassing nature of the services we provide.

Lighting Up Nepal One Child at a Time
Director of Photography
MVP travels to Nepal for this heartwarming and inspirational story.
Ferrell Takes the Field
Director of Photography
Mobile Video NYC follows Will Ferrell as he tours the MLB playing for numerous different teams. Shot for HBO.